Hello there!
I'm Manuel Marktl, photographer, skier, travel-enthusiast.
Born in the glorious year of '90 in Spain, I grew up in the mountainous north-west of the State of  Carinthia, Austria. It was at the very age of 13 when I  started capturing our group of friends skiing and freeriding. What began as a hobby, quickly led to studying more on the aesthetics of shapes and colors, than the Watts & Volts in my electrical-engineering education at the HTL Lastenstrasse, Klagenfurt. 
After graduating I went to work in the creative industry straight away, and stayed.
As time passed I had the honor of working together with great clients and athletes around the globe, and gather an even greater set of experiences. From shooting during snow-storms on the peaks of Japanese Alps to the dunes of the Namib-dessert.
Combining all those experiences I specialized on commercial outdoor/alpine/on-location productions and sport-photography.
Bases: Bad Gastein (AUSTRIA) & Munich (GERMANY)
International booking gladly accepted.